Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cinquain Challenge

 Juicy, Fragrant, Sweet
Growing, Slicing, Bursting.  
Eat them right off the vine.

This is my Cinquain about home grown tomatoes.  It is possible that this world has something more wondrous to offer, but I haven't found it yet.

I found this fun poetry challenge on the blog of Princess Fiona:

Line 1:  One noun.  This is your subject.
Line 2:  Three adjectives which describe your subject.
Line 3:  Three descriptive gerunds (verb + ing).
Line 4:  One complete sentence that relates to your subject.
Line 5:  One noun that is a synonym of your subject.

Thanks, Fiona!  Now I feel myself beginning to wax poetic about yard eggs...


  1. Hmm... you made feel like sinking my teeth into a juicy, fragrant, sweet tomato right now! I believe this cinquain form of poetry is bringing out the poet who has been hiding in each of us all this while!

  2. Hello Angelle!

    Yay! You already posted it! You did a great job ~ nice subject too! I love tomatoes but I'm kind of picky about which ones I eat. The super duper red ones are the BEST!

    I'm so happy you visited my blog and decided to join! Your comment really made me smile! I agree with Inspiring ~ these forms of poetry are revealing the poet in everyone! SO happy :-)

    See you soon and thanks so much for participating! I have a Fibonacci Challenge going on too ~ it's more complex than the Cinquain but definitely challenging, fun and very addictive he he!

    Have a Beautiful Day! :-)

  3. Very clever! You almost made me like tomatoes! Ha--tomatoes are not my favorite food, but you make them sound like food for the gods.

  4. @Inspiring and Fiona, yep -- they're irresistible. Having a short form and a definite subject keep me focused and able to come up with something. I like it; don't know if I can do Fibonacci. I'll have to check it out.

    @Dana: Thanks!

    @Galen: to each her own. Where would I be without homegrown tomatoes? In a sad world.


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