Monday, February 6, 2012

Not Pollyanna, just Positive

There is a blogger called Galen Pearl who writes a blog called 10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place.  I recently discovered her blog and am loving it.  Here are her 10 steps:

  1. Give yourself permission to be happy.
  2. Decide if you want to be right or happy.
  3. Give up the delusion of control.
  4. Feel your feelings.
  5. Make haste to be kind.
  6. Judge not.
  7. Practice compassion.
  8. Forgive everyone.
  9. Develop an attitude of gratitude.
  10. Be here now.

Although I never put it into these words before, it is the way I have tried to live.   

At times, I argue with my husband, my daughter sometimes talks back, I have carried balances on credit cards and, frankly, I eat waaaaaay too much chocolate.  I have suffered betrayal and loss.  I've had some pretty hard times.  I don't talk about those things here, though, or anywhere really.   In general, I call my sister or my mother, and complain some, get a little tea and sympathy, then try to get over it.  Not avoid it, but not dwell on it either.

Of course, things go wrong in life.  That's not what's really important.  What defines us is how we respond to those circumstances.  


  1. Exactly! Things go wrong alot of the time....but we can turn it to our advantage if we respond appropriately and deal with it in an effective way

  2. Every piece of advice on this subljet is useful.

  3. Cheres Foz and mo, thank you for your comments. It occurs to me that perhaps this post may seem insensitive, because certainly when a person is in the middle of a crisis or grief, it is not productive to say, "Hey! Cheer up!"

    I'm just talking in general terms and I find the 10 steps to be very helpful. Hope you got to go to Galen's blog.

  4. Indeed Abgelle, what defines us is how we go about our lives.You're right on with this post Angelle, and just because I know a little about you, I know it's not just words.

    Thanks for sharing.


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