Saturday, September 11, 2010

23 Reasons for a Happy Anniversary

My Sweetie and I recently celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. 23 years later, we have some very different ideas about what is really important in life.  I know I've changed a lot from that young woman in a white dress and veil.  I've had a wonderful partner in this journey, someone who learns with and teaches me every day.

Here are 23 (of the many) things I've learned from my husband:

  1. Slow down; if it's important, it will still be there tomorrow.
  2. When you're listening to someone, just listen.  Don't be thinking about what you're going to say.
  3. Take naps.
  4. Eat slowly.
  5. Eat dessert.
  6. Eat just a little dessert.
  7. Do big jobs a little at a time.
  8. Make time for love.
  9. Laugh more often.
  10. Let it go.
  11. The very old and very young can do whatever they want.
  12. I am a great cook.
  13. I am loved.
  14. Family is the most important thing.  We are family.
  15. I can count on my Honey.
  16. Honesty is always best; don't take shortcuts.
  17. Be patient.
  18. Give bad news in private; good news in public.
  19. Take vacations.
  20. Do what you love.
  21. Breakfast for supper is better than going out to eat.
  22. I don't have to say everything I'm thinking.
  23. It's o.k. to disagree -- and still love.
Thanks for everything, Sweetie


  1. I love your list. but it seeks to make me cry because I wish for many of those.

    Happy Anniversary to you both.

  2. Thanks for the anniversary wishes. Collette, no tears! I should have said they're things I "am learning." Not "have learned." We're all on that journey. :)

  3. Beautiful Angelle, how wonderful. 23 years later, I wish many more happy days for you both.

    I love that you wrote what you have learned or are learning from him. Hmm, sometimes, we neglect to think that way. I love the whole list...#s 5, 16 & 18, yep, I agree.

  4. Merci Salma. I am lucky to have married a really good guy.


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