Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Love the Rain

I really love the rain.  Our average annual rainfall here is well over 60 inches, which suits me just fine.  

Some days are so hot that when it first starts raining it steams right back up off the street for a few minutes.  The rain cools everything off and gets the temperature down into the 70s -- even in August.  That's saying something.  

Also, we have an old house that has settled a little lumpy in places.  If it doesn't rain for a while, the soil shrinks and my back door doesn't open so well.  I am a woman of simple needs.  To turn the handle and feel the smooth opening and closing of a door gives me a certain contentment.  To turn the handle and strain, push and shove against a crooked frame jangles me a little.

I am lucky enough to have a comfortable back porch on which I can enjoy the rain and a cup of tea at the same time.  It's upstairs among the trees and my favorite place to be in the rain. It's a luxury to drink in the fresh smell and gentle murmur of a morning shower.  So grateful for it.


  1. Oh i love the rain too. It refreshes me and gives me energy. My back yard is crap and I hope to fix it up next year so I can enjoy the outdoors more.

  2. Stephanie, thanks for stopping by. Whether you're inside or outside, the sound and smell of the rain is great. Your new picture is pretty, too :-)

  3. I love the rain too and your place is indeed a very nice spot to sit and enjoy.


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